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Quality legal representation for all immigration and asylum matters. We work to make leave to remain in the UK a reality.



Our immigration lawyers are experts that can help you to get indefinite leave to remain in the UK. They are either qualified immigration solicitors, immigration barristers or immigration consultants. If you have been refused asylum or have any other immigration problem we can help you. Let us do the worrying for you. All of our caseworkers are highly qualified and are either  regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority or an appropriate UK/EU Regulator . We help you to understand your choices and then make the right application to the Home Office on your behalf.


Refused legal aid?


Before approaching our firm, many of our clients have been refused legal aid and simply do not know what to do next. Many clients have overstayed their visit or student visa and want to know what can be done. We can advise you on every aspect of asylum or immigration law.


Fair Prices for immigration and asylum representation in the UK.


Leave to Remain immigration Lawyers charge fees from as low as a fixed £100* to take on your UK immigration or asylum case, represent you, analyse your immigration problem and then make an application to the Home Office on your behalf.


Many solicitors firms charge many hundreds of pounds, even thousands, for identical services! We are aimed at being the cheapest UK immigration consultants and solicitors ( when under the supervision of the SRA) service provider in the UK. We we can afford to charge such low fees because of the number of clients that use our legal services. We keep cost down by doing as much work as possible by phone and internet but also have offices for important or urgent meetings in Coventry, Manchester and London.


Leave to Remain UK


Leave to Remain in the UK is the name given to the immigration ‘status’ that is achieved when the Home Office agrees to allow you to stay in the UK with permission. Without status or some form of leave to remain, life can be very complicated indeed.


Leave to Remain is needed in order to be able to work in the UK and begin to settle in the UK. If you have no status in the UK it is very difficult to travel. There is absolutely no access to public funds (other than asylum support where appropriate). You often have no right to work.


Getting Leave to Remain in the UK


In order to help you our lawyers will analyse your individual situation and help to show you the options available to you. There are many routes to getting leave to remain which can be based on the Immigration Rules, European Law, Case Law and Human Rights. We will guide you through which option is best and make an application to the Home Office.


Immigration Appeals 

Immigration Appeals are often complicated and expensive. We have had success in many cases that have gone to appeal. We have several cost options to keep prices down for appeals. For an idea of what we can do, please use our contact form or call us. Don’t delay – there are very strict deadlines for Immigration Appeals.


 Contact us now for an unbeatable offer on Visa Appeals!


Judicial Review 


Some times the Home Office do not give a right of appeal. However, we can still challenge the any immigration refusal or decision to deport or remove. This process is called Judicial Review. We can assist in analysing any Home Office decision to see if there are grounds to lodge Judicial Review.The Judicial Review process can start from just £200.Please contact us about your Judicial Review case.


Immigration Detention or Removal


If you are threatened with detention in an immigration removal centre (IRC) or given removal directions we can help. We will support you whilst you are in this situation and use our legal skills to try to stop removals, get immigration bail and make further submissions. Contact us


Great news , we can now offer access to free bail hearings to get released from immigration detention- subject to your situation ( terms and conditions apply). Contact us to discuss urgently.



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* Instructing our solicitors to act for you costs from £100, but you may incur charges from the Home Office depending on which application you wish to make. Home Office charges are the same no matter which solicitor you instruct. We offer to better any written quote from any solicitor in the UK.

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